The second part of the Leadership Program is a 4-day workshop to give the opportunity to the participants to interact with the sponsors, hosts and other participants and to start their work on the projects proposed by the hosts.

During the workshop, a series of lectures will be given to provide the participants with a deeper understanding of the science, technology and applications of ionizing radiation and of the industry. At the end of workshop, the participants will give a presentation on what they have learnt during their project work.

The program for LP 2023 is given below. The workshop in 2024 will be held again at the University of Reims in France and will take place between 22nd and 25th April.

LP2023 Program:


Day 1 – April 25th, 2023

Introduction to iia

Paul Wynne

Introduction to the Leadership Program

Rob Edgecock

Radiation chemistry: basic reactions, dosimetry

Xavier Coqueret

The selection of technology from a customer and patient perspective

Byron Lambert

Access to the presentation here

Day 2 – April 26th, 2023

Radiation chemistry applied to polymers

Xavier Coqueret

The growing use of EB/X for sterilization – new opportunities and skills

Jeremy Brison

Access to the presentation here

Further radiation biology

Yves Henon

Access to the presentation here

Phyto-sanitation and food treatment

Yves Henon

Access to the presentation here

Day 3 – April 27th, 2023

Industrial polymer processing

Xavier Coqueret

Medical devices and bio-pharma

Dagmara Chmielewska-Śmietanko

Access to the presentation here

Investment decision for contract sterilizers

Brian McEvoy

Day 4 – April 28th, 2023

Environmental applications

Dagmara Chmielewska-Śmietanko

Access to the presentation here

Team Presentations

Leadership Program participants

Access to Group 1 presentation

Access to Group 2 presentation

Access here to the recorded presentations

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