Membership of iia adds strength to your voice. It ensures that important information is shared and communicated and provides access to our knowledge library.

Membership is open to organisations that are involved in the business or science of radiation processing as suppliers, consumers and regulators or as academic institutions. The iia has a global reach and represents a diverse community from SME to large multi-national organisations across multiple industry sectors.

Submit your application for membership online or print the membership form and return it by email. A member of the iia Team will contact you to answer any questions and to process your application.

Benefits of Membership

Seat at the Table

Each member is recognised as leader in the irradiation community. Membership of the Association ensures that you are part of an international and well respected community which recognises the importance of cooperation, education and communication.

Strength in Numbers

Varied interests and expertise combined with broad geographic representation adds weight when engaging with national and international regulatory and legislative organisations.

Access to information

Access to information is a key determinant of success. If the information is not readily available we will try to assist in finding answers to your questions


Members benefit from the iia’s advocacy of irradiation technology and applications and by its ability to represent its industry globally as required.

Use of iia Logo

Add credibility by promoting the iia global wordmark on your website and marketing materials.


Are offered to those registering to attend or exhibit at iia organised or jointly organised events.


Are offered to those registering to attend or exhibit at iia organised or jointly organised events.

News & Updates

Keep up-to-date with news and industry developments via posting on the iia website and social media.


Our industry is complex and global and sometimes misunderstood. Yet we offer much potential to improve lives. That is just one of many reasons to consider becoming a iia member.

The iia advocates for the industry’s potential. By joining iia, you bring your organization’s voice to the mix and another informed perspective to the discussion

The iia membership categories are mainly determined by the size of the member organisation so, for example, multi-national organisations are Platinum with a fee of USD 10,000-USD 12,000/year whereas consultants and small user of irradiation are Bronze with fee of USD 1,100.  The membership fee for institutes, universities and quasi-governmental organisations is USD 500. This structure endeavours to share the cost of operating the organisation in a fair and equitable way whilst encouraging a diverse membership base both geographically and in terms of the type and size of organisations that participate.

Perhaps the greatest benefit that the Association provides to members is the knowledge that the best interests of the irradiation community are being represented and potential adverse impacts resulting from regulatory or legislative changes are being monitored, highlighted and/or challenged.  In this regard, a membership of iia could be viewed as a form of risk management or insurance.  We hope that this allows our industry leaders to focus on their core role in the knowledge that challenges to sterilisation modalities are being addressed and highlighted.

A core mission of the Association is to promote and to defend irradiation technologies. In order to address challenges and to embrace opportunities the iia has created an international network of affiliate relationships with regional or specialist groups. The iia also engages with legislative groups in Canada and the U.S. and international groups such as the Transport Facilitation Working Group that addresses issues such as the denial of Cobalt-60 shipments.

When possible, iia endeavours to give added value benefits to its most important members and contributors.  Platinum members are given first choice in selecting exhibition space at IMRP and are promoted via the use of logos when possible and appropriate.  Members receive discounts for participation in iia events, participate in working groups and will receive discounted access to the 2022 International Meeting on Radiation Processing.  Members also receive access to the resource area of the iia website.

Whilst the iia has historically focussed on irradiation technologies, the 2020-2025 iia strategy review resulted in a shift of emphasis towards the applications of irradiation.  This resulted in the iia engaging with, for example, a broader range of sterilisation modalities and the importance of the competency of sterility assurance professionals. The iia was instrumental in creating the Society for Sterility Assurance Professionals and, by broadening its areas of engagement, the iia is now routinely collaborating with AAMI/ASTM and is starting to engage with the PDA.

The Association is currently developing a leadership programme that will assist young scientists in transitioning from academia to industry.  This will focus on both irradiation technologies and applications, primarily medical device sterilisation.

The iia has been created as a not-for-profit organisation that has clear aims, a diverse membership and well-respected board and management team.  The iia is unusual in having a small but dedicated management team and operates on a combined annual budget of a little over USD200k.  Prudent management has allowed us to build a relatively strong balance sheet that allows us to assume responsibility for organising and hosting the International Meeting on Radiation Processing.

Membership in iia is open to organizations involved with or engaged in any facet of radiation processing and interested in advancing its use. Five basic categories of membership are available to suit your organization size and interest.


Leaders in the irradiation industry including key suppliers and multi-national organisations


Large multi-site or multi-national radiation processing operators; suppliers of equipment; and premier users of irradiation


Medium sized, single site radiation processing operators; suppliers of radiation processing equipment and services; and users of contract irradiation


Smaller companies that supply non-radiation processing related equipment and services; consultancies and small users of irradiation


Government & Academia – Agencies, Regulators, Universities and Institutes


Invited individuals who support the irradiation industry through their contribution to the work of the iia (see below*)

Members include

On occasion, the iia Board may choose to invite the participation of notable individuals who do not belong to a company or organization involved with the radiation processing community. The board reserves the right to accept or revoke a membership.

Membership Application Form (Online)

The following information will help us contact you. Please remember to let us know of any changes.

If your company is already an iia member you can request a login on our members registration page instead.

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NOTE: Membership fees of the International Irradiation Association (iia) and any sub-group of iia (e.g. working group, society, platform etc.) are payable for a specified period and are not refundable if membership is cancelled by the member or by iia for any reason before the end of the specified period. Payments received for any product or service other than membership to be provided by iia or any sub-group of iia may be refunded only with specific agreement of the iia.

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