Leadership Program

Developing an expanded talent pool for the irradiation industry.

The leadership program is an initiative of the iia that seeks to help increase the talent pool that is available to the irradiation industry and thus contribute to the development of future business leaders.

The leadership program is focused on undergraduates nearing the end of their studies, but also is open to graduates who are already working in the irradiation industry.

The program will consist of three core activities developed around a core theme that will involve applied research on a project proposed by a program host and of general interest to the irradiation community. Participation in the program will; improve their practical knowledge and understanding or irradiation technologies and irradiation applications, provide experience or working in the irradiation industry and facilitate developing a network of contacts within the commercial irradiation community. The three core activities are: 

Webinars: A series of online webinars introducing the irradiation industry and science.

Workshop: A face-to-face workshop at Reims University in France in April 2023, with lectures building on the webinars, introductions from the Program sponsors and hosts and team building activities, including work on the proposed projects.

Placement: An 8–10-week placement at an industry leader during the summer in 2023, introducing the company, what it does and continuing work on the project.


Participants will gain a comprehensive insight into the irradiation industry and develop a network of contacts.

Webinars and Workshops

Educational events for participants and those associated with the program.


Leading operators and users or irradiation technology who are supporting the program.


Industry leaders who wish to support the program and research challenging topics.

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