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The Benefits of Being a Leadership Program Host

The Leadership hosts are a crucial part of the Program. Each host is asked to propose a project and these projects will form the core of the Program. They will be studied by teams during the workshop and then in more detail by a candidate selected by the host during the summer placement. These projects can be in a new area for the host or require skills that are currently not available. The iia will then undertake a targeted recruitment of participants in universities that are close to the host location with a good reputation in the required subjects, thereby creating links for the future. The projects need to be of general interest to the industry, as well as the host, and it must be possible to make the results public after some period of time. The travel and living costs of the placement candidate will be covered by iia.

As a host, you will be able to contribute to the students training, benefit from the work on your proposed project, gain access to trained potential new recruits and create or strengthen links to academia.

All iia members are welcome to be hosts of the Program.

How to be a host?

If you would like to propose a project and host a placement student, please download, fill in and submit the Host Form to Rob Edgecock ( or contact Rob directly to discuss the possibility. Please contact Rob if you would prefer a Microsoft Word version of the application form.

This form asks for a project title and description, the name of a mentor for this project and any requirements for the participant.

Note that a representative of your company will be invited to attend the workshop and will be able to give a presentation on the company.


If you need more information, please send an email to Rob Edgecock ( or to Paul Wynne (  

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