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15 June 2017

IMRP 19 Program Committee Meeting

The IMRP 19 Program Committee is meeting in Strasbourg to develop the outline themes and structure for the next conference. The International Irradiation Association (iia) has appointed Yves Henon as Program Chair. Members of the Program Committee are: Yves Henon (iia – Program Chair) Bart Croonenborghs (Sterigenics) Philippe Dethier (IBA) Brian McEvoy (STERIS) Uwe Gohs […]

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8 June 2017

New method enables real-time monitoring of materials during irradiation

The linked article appeared in MIT news. It is said that the technique will enable continuous measurement of the changes in materials in high radiation environments. The article includes the following quote about the research – “Our whole goal was to monitor how materials evolve when exposed to radiation,” associate professor Michael Short explains, “but […]

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23 March 2017

iia Newsletter

Our latest newsletter has just been released. If you did not receive a copy please sign up to receive future newsletters. The current newsletter can be accessed via this link: iia newsletter

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11 February 2015

IRaP 2014. Further documents and information.

Conference: 11th Ionizing and Radiation and Polymers (4th IRAP) Place: Jeju Kal Hotel, Jeju Korea.    Conference Date: 05 – 09 October 2014. The IRaP meeting is an important scientific meeting which focuses on ionizing radiation and its application in polymer science. The conference has been held every two years since 1994. The latest conference was […]

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10 October 2014

iia Awards at IRaP

iia gave two awards at IRaP 2014 which draws to a conclusion today. The event was hosted by KAERI in Korea. The first iia award was conferred on Joon-Pyo Jeun, a researcher of the Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) from Korea who has developed a radiation based alternative technique for the production of carbon […]

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12 May 2014

Ionizing Radiation and Polymers

Elsevier published a new book entitled Ionizing Radiation and Polymers – Principles, Technology and Applications written by Jiri George Drobny. This book presents the fundamentals of radiation chemistry, the equipment as well as the applications.  For more information click here.

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27 February 2014

Crosslinking Plastics: A Radiant Future for Materials Properties

An article with this title appeared in the December 2013 edition of Kunststoffe International. The article was based on an interview with Andreas Ostrowicki, Managing Director of Beta Gamma Services GmbH (iia member) and Uwe Stenglin founder of PTS Plastic Technologie Services. The BGS website can be wiewed here: BGS website

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31 May 2007

Expanding The Limits – New Crosslinking Applications For The Automotive Industry

Joachim Gehring of BGS Beta-Gamma-Service, Germany presented this paper at IMRP 2006 in Kuala Lumpur. It is now available on the iia website, along with other business presentations. Irradiation of crosslinked components for industrial mass-production vehicles has been widely accepted for a long time because of the excellent cost to performance ratio. For example in […]

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