iia Participates in Industry Events

Arthur Dumba, General Manager of the iia, recently attended three industry events on behalf of the iia. Learn more below.


Arthur Dumba attended the the inaugural AAMI/FDA neXus, The Medical Device Standards Conference, held 20-22 February 2024 in Washington DC. This was a valuable opportunity to keep abreast of develoments in the medical device landscape and help the iia understand how it must evolve in order to meet the needs of its members. Additionally, AAMI/FDA neXus provided a forum to connect with the multiple iia members that attended the conference. You can view the comprehensive schedule of the conference at this link.

Areas of particular interest for the iia were:

  • Practical Approaches in Transitioning Radiation Sterilization Modalities
  • Implementation of AI in Healthcare
  • Addressing the Total Product Lifecycle: Sustainability, Supply Chain, Resilience, and Other Issues and Opportunities
  • Fostering Innovation and Acceptance: Novel Sterilization Modalities
  • Compatibility of Materials with Sterilization: What? Why? and Where? (and What’s Next!)
  • Review of Medical Device Developments in Priority Asian Markets (China, India, Russia)

Click here to view the AAMI website

PDA Annual Conference 2024

The PDA Annual Conference was held 25 – 27 March 2024, in Long Beach CA. Arthur participated in this conference with a focus on highlighting the use of irradiation in the pharmaceutical industry and iia’s role in promoting the safe and beneficial use of irradiation technologies.

Areas of interest for the iia and its members include:

  • Updates to EU GMP Annex 1: Manufacture of Sterile Medicinal Products and the use of in line low energy e-beam for the surface sterilization of packaging to be transferred into Grade A areas.
  • ANNEX 12 USE OF IONISING RADIATION IN THE MANUFACTURE OF MEDICINAL PRODUCTS and the use of x-ray as an accepted radiation modality
  • The use of mathematical modeling in radiation processing of medicinal products

Visit the PDA Annual Conference 2024 website via this link

ASTM International Workshop on Radiation Processing

The iia sponsored the ASTM 10th International Workshop on Radiation Processing, held 5-9 February in San Diego, CA.

Attendees got and end-to-end view of radiation processing, including dosimetric aspects. The workshop focused on practical examples and case studies, highlighting the way in which ASTM documents can be utilized to meet the requirements in the ISO radiation standards.

Arthur gave an update of iia activities, in particular he discussed the upcoming IMRP 2024 conference, and gave updates on the work of the iia Eb/X and Gamma Working Groups.

Click here to view the ASTM website

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