White Paper: Gamma: The heart of radiation sterilization

Nordion has published this White Paper: “Gamma: The heart of radiation sterilization past, present and future

The White Paper provides a brief overview of the importance and contribution of gamma irradiation as a sterilization modality, with a focus on why it has grown to hold a significant position in the 50 years it has been in use.

The White Paper also provides clarity on the current and future state of Cobalt-60 supply and explains why that there is no compelling reason to consider switching from a modality that continues to deliver efficacy, reliability and cost effectiveness.

Key take-aways include:

  • Global supply chain for Cobalt-60 is diverse and robust
  • Recent global supply issues mitigated by Nordion
  • Investments in new sources of supply continue
  • Gamma continues to be the heart of radiation sterilization

People need to register to obtain a copy of the paper. The paper can be accessed via this link. 



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