Update on Tecleor LLC

Tecleor LLC, a member of iia, has recently provided the following update that gives some insight into the development of the company:

Tecleor is a centre for the development and application of food irradiation technology in Russia.  It was the first private enterprise for the industrial scale antimicrobial processing of animal and vegetable products using electron beam.

Tecleor was formed in 2013 with the aim of developing the Russian market, infrastructure and regulatory framework to ensure the safety and quality of food using irradiation.  Initially, the company focussed on developing the technology by working with all necessary institutes and by understanding the requirements of its customers.  In 2017 Tecleor commissioned its first e-beam centre to further develop the science and implementation of irradiation technology.

Today Tecleor operates two e-beams (15kW, 5-10 MeV) that work simultaneously for the treatment of product for its customers.  Over that last 3 years the company has processed more than 14 thousand tons of food products.  This have given Tecleor a unique experience and understanding of the effect of antimicrobial treatment with accelerated electrons on more than 200 different types of products.

In 2020 Tecleor received ISO 9001 accreditation.  This demonstrates that the company, through implementation of its quality management system, consistently controls its processes to meet customer and regulatory requirements.  Dosimetric control is now carried out by its own accredited laboratory.

Teсleor is developing further to be a significant player in the Russian Federation market of sterilization of medical devices, industrial and cosmetic products, radiation processing of microelectronic products and radiation crosslinking of polymers.  We are proud of our success and always strive for the best.

For further information about Tecleor click on this hyperlink.

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