New iia Team Structure

The iia is evolving as senior members of the management team retire and new members join iia. This communication explains the changes that are taking place and how iia is expanding and strengthening its operational capabilities and focus. These changes will ensure that iia will continue to effectively represent the global irradiation industry and scientific community.

In October 2021 Yves Henon joined the iia board. This enabled Yves to retire after IMRP20 whilst enabling iia to retain access to his knowledge and expertise. At the end of June Martin Comben retired but will continue to lead the Gamma Working Group until the end of 2023. At the start of August 2023 Paul Wynne will retire from his operational role as General Manager but he will continue as iia Chairman and will provide transitional support to the new General Manager and expanded operational team whilst supporting the iia finance and administration function.

In anticipation of these changes a number of new team members have joined the iia over the last year and additional team members are joining in July and August 2023. The new expanded team consists of:

  • Arthur Dumba – iia General Manager. Arthur has extensive experience of the irradiation and healthcare industries. He has been the driving force behind the creation of the Society for Sterility Assurance Professionals (SfSAP) and will assume the iia GM role with effect from 1 August 2023. Arthur will lead the IMRP21 Organising Committee and will be involved in a number of specific project areas including the Gamma WG. Arthur lives in Switzerland & UK.
  • Prof. Rob Edgecock – General Manager Eb/X.  Rob’s role includes responsibility for iia’s Leadership Program, developing relationships and initiatives with the scientific community and establishing an iia Eb/X Working Group. Rob’s background is in academia where he is a professor of accelerator technology in the UK.  Rob will be deputy Chair of the IMRP21 Program Committee. Rob is UK based.
  • Gill Schneid – Finance & Administration Manager. Gill’s background is in the financial services industry. She previously worked for a support agency and has been involved with iia for a number of years. Since joining iia she quickly established herself as a valuable member of the iia team. Gill is UK based.
  • Dr Ariadnne Vargas Rivadeneira– PsIP Lead and Latin America Representative. Ariadnne was part of the pilot iia Leadership Program in 2022 and she now provides a valuable leadership of the PsIP (phytosanitary) and a conduit to iia members in Latin America.  She provides scientific expertise and will support Martin in leading the Gamma WG in H2 2023. Ariadnne is based in Bolivia.
  • Peng Wei – China/Asia Representative. Peng Wei’s has extensive experience and knowledge of the irradiation industry. He is a partner in a new irradiation support company in China. His primary role supporting iia is to strengthen Iia’s relationships with members and targets in China. Having worked with Prof Wang at SQHL and more recently as Managing Director of Vanform (accelerators), Peng has experience of all irradiation technologies.  Peng Wei is based in Beijing, China.
  • Katherine Comben – Communications Executive. Katherine is Martin Comben’s daughter. She is developing a career in communications and she will bring focus to iia’s strategic initiative to strengthen communications. She will be supported by Christina Selin of Excentric (see below). Katherine is UK based.
  • Paul Wynne – Director & Chairman. Paul will step back from operational responsibilities but will continue as Chairman of iia. He will take a lead in financial and secretarial matters and will support the iia new GM. Paul is UK based.
  • Yves Henon – Director and Advisor. Yves continues to provide advice and guidance to iia.  Since his retirement in December 2023 Yves has contributed to iia’s Leadership Program and webinars. Yves is based in France.
  • Martin Comben – GM Gamma Working Group. Martin will continue to lead iia’s Gamma WG and limited other initiatives until 31 December 2023. Martin is UK based.

The iia board continues to evolve and be refreshed.  Professor Andrzej Chmielewski (INCT, Poland) retired from the board in September 2022 and was replaced by Professor Xavier Coqueret (University Reims, France). Kevin Brooks (Nordion) retired in March 2022 and a new board member will be announced later this month (July 2023).

In order to strengthen the operational team, iia is creating a Technical Advisory Group (TAG). The primary role of TAG is to provide guidance and advice to the operational team and board.  The TAG will assist with the formation of the IMRP21 Program committee which will be Chaired by Brian McEvoy (STERIS).

The operational team will continue to be supported external specialists by: DRE (accountants based in Ludlow, UK); IS Event Solutions (Professional Conference Organiser for IMRP, based in Montreal, Canada) and Excentric Creative Partners (Marketing Agency based in Ottawa, Canada).


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