Medical Device Sterilization Workshop

The Organizing Committee of the 3rd Medical Device Sterilization Workshop is pleased to announce the next meeting for stakeholders exploring accelerator-based sterilization alternatives, “Medical Device Sterilization: Understanding the Possibilities.”

This virtual meeting will take place in the mornings (CDT) on September 22, 23, & 24, 2021. It will be kicked off by a keynote presentation from Joyce Hansen from J&J describing her vision of the future of the industry. The workshop will close with a panel discussion with Joyce, persons from the FDA (invited), other regulators, and other experts in the field.

Other topics covered will be:

  • Modeling and simulation with the goal of reducing in-beam qualification times.
  • Presentations from sterilization providers on their plans for future capacity.
  •  Discussions with regulators to improve interaction to smooth approval of new products and modality changes.

These workshops offer many opportunities for attendees to interact with each other, the presenters, and organizers to express needs and desires and to learn more about the evolution of the sterilization industry. Each day will end with extended Q&A, panel discussions, and/or breakout sessions to promote as much dialog as possible among all attendees.

The Summary Reports from previous workshops can be found at the bottom of the Announcement Registration link below.

This page also includes links to videos of presentations from last year, including:

  • The Physics of Sterilization
  • Team Nablo – Data from direct comparisons of material performance in gamma, x-ray, and e-beam
  • Progress in providing guidance for the industry – AAMI, ASTM, and others

The organisers welcome anyone in the sterilization, medical device, and bio-processing industries to participate. Whether they are in Technology/Science, Business/Logistics/Economics, Standards or Regulatory, this workshop will offer opportunities to address your questions. Registration is now open and can be accessed at

Please note: Registration will close September 8. There will be no opportunity for late registration.

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