‘Making the Most of Your IMRP’ Webinar Recording Available Now

On 17th January 2024, the iia hosted the ‘Making the Most of Your IMRP’ webinar presented by Brian McEvoy (IMRP 2024 Program Committee Chair) and introduced by Aaron DeMent (IMRP 2024 Organizing Committee Deputy Chair).

This webinar discusses the organization, location and the venue, the program structure, and the call for abstracts for the International Meeting on Radiation Processing 2024 (IMRP 2024), being held in Costa Rica 4 – 8 November 2024. Below you will find links to the information given at this webinar, as well as a written version of the Q&A.

Brian McEvoy presentation slides: Making the Most of Your IMRP Presentation

Q&A (some transcript taken from the end of the webinar)

Q1: “Is it likely the ‘Call for Abstracts’ deadline is going to be extended?”

A, Brian McEvoy:  “I think the answer on that is, again we we have a deadline, I think we’ll use that to see what content comes in in this first phase. With any conference, there’s always a possibility of extending the deadline, and we have time to do so, but I would encourage even if it’s very draft the earlier [the better] to get in an abstract. They can always be refined over the coming months, there is time for that, so again if you have an idea for an abstract my advice is; get it in early, get it on the agenda for the program committee. There’s always time to refine it and finesse it over the coming months before final decision on on the actual program structure.”

The deadline is the 31st of January 2024.

Q2: “Is the venue exhibition Center in walking distance to the hotel”

A:  There will be a shuttle service provided to and from the Marriott Hacienda Belen. Below is a screenshot of the distance between the hotel and convention center.

Q3: “What type of as abstracts are expected in Tech theaters? Can they also be commercial presentations for product equipment etc.?”

A, Brian McEvoy:  “The exhibition space/the exhibitors will have the opportunity to really show showcase their commercial offerings. I think for the tech theaters our wish is that we get presentations on innovations, the tech theater is now redesigned as sort of a commercial exhibition space if you like.

Certainly if somebody has an innovation that they’ve done in development of equipment, or services, or a new dosimetry system, that they want to share the the development, the science, the background, Tech theaters will be an opportunity for that. But not necessarily for Product Promotion, I think that can be done at an exhibition booth itself.”


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