ITHPP, a French company that recently joined the association, just announced the launch of their new brand, BETA BEAMS, aimed at supporting their innovative low-energy pulsed electrons solution for in line sterilization of medical and biopharma articles.  This launch coincides with the announcement that ITHPP is investing in the development of a new dedicated manufacturing site for this activity near the city of Brive, South-West of France.

Initially developed for defense and research, pulsed power is progressively finding various civilian applications. BETA BEAMS will design, manufacture and supply turnkey installations to heathcare products manufacturers for the sterilization, decontamination and cross-linking of bio-pharma and medical products using high power pulsed electron beams. A main feature of the equipment is that it can be integrated into production lines.

The new site, expected to be operational from September 2021, will have a bunker and an ISO 8 clean room to integrate development, assembly and testing of equipment. With a total cost of 1.6 million Euros, this project has benefited from a subsidy as part of the Covid-19 Recovery Plan “France Relance”.

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