‘Insights & Achievements: iia Leadership Program 2023 Participant Reports’ LIVE Webinars Coming Soon.

The iia is pleased to announce two live webinars that will welcome the next generation of irradiation talent. In these webinars, the iia will provide a platform for some of the participants of the 2023 Leadership Program to introduce themselves to the irradiation industry. Additionally, our presenters will provide insight into their time with the iia, discuss the Leadership Program’s workshop held at the University of Reims (France) earlier this year, and tell us about their plans for the future. Time will be allocated at the end of each webinar for a Q&A session.

These webinars will host 8 presenters over two webinars which are scheduled:

26th September (1pm – 2pm BST) and 27th September (3pm – 4pm BST)

To read more about our presenters, please follow this link.

More information and registration links are provided below.

26th September (1pm – 2pm BST) Information:

The first webinar will introduce the following presenters:

  • Khalid Fatouaki (National Institute of Agricultural Research, Morocco)
  • Alvin Kier R. Gallardo (Philippine Nuclear Research Institute, Philippines)
  • Henni Widyastuti (Indonesia National Research and Innovation Agency, Indonesia)

In order to register your interest in the first webinar, please follow this link.

27th September (3pm – 4pm BST) Information:

The second webinar will introduce the following presenters:

  • Adrián Arias Blanco (University Carlos III de Madrid, Spain)
  • Gabriel Kojo Frimpong Ph. D (Ghana Atomic Energy Commission, Ghana)
  • Emily Glowski (Texas A&M University, USA)
  • Regiane Martins (Institute of Energy and Nucleear Research and University of São Paulo, Brazil)
  • Sandra Eva Pawlak (National Commission of Atomic Energy (CNEA), Argentina)

In order to register your interest in the second webinar, please follow this link.

Leadership Program Information

The leadership program is an initiative of the iia that seeks to help increase the talent pool that is available to the irradiation industry and thus contribute to the development of future business leaders.

The leadership program is focused on undergraduates nearing the end of their studies, but also is open to graduates who are already working in the irradiation industry.

The program consists of three core activities developed around a core theme that will involve applied research on a project proposed by a program host and of general interest to the irradiation community. Participation in the program will; improve practical knowledge and understanding of irradiation technologies and irradiation applications, provide experience of working in the irradiation industry and facilitate developing a network of contacts within the commercial irradiation community. The three core activities for 2023 are:

• Webinars: A series of online webinars introducing the irradiation industry and science.

• Workshop: A face-to-face workshop at Reims University in France in April 2023, with lectures building on the webinars, introductions from the Program sponsors and hosts and team building activities, including work on the proposed projects.

• Placement: An 8–10-week placement at an industry leader during the summer in 2023, introducing the company, what it does and continuing work on the project.

For more information about the Leadership Program, please follow this link.

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