‘GAMMA IRRADIATION for Today and the Future’ New iia Webinar

The iia is pleased to announce its live webinar ‘GAMMA IRRADIATION for Today and the Future’ that will take place from 3-4pm GMT on 2nd November 2023.

Whilst gamma irradiation is a mature technology that is well understood by users and regulators, it is important to look to the future. Market conditions, supply chain and technology options have all evolved over recent years. Expectations and requirements on users have also changed, as has the need to consider the impact of an increasing reliance on digital technology.  This webinar will update and provide information on three topical issues that are important to gamma irradiation today and for the future: cobalt-60sustainability and cybersecurityOur three speakers are all leaders in irradiation and experts in their field.

Director, Business Development & Strategic Supply, NORDION (nordion.com)
Presenting:  COBALT-60: Investing for the Future of Gamma Sterilization

President, IONISOS (ionisos.com)
Presenting:  Sustainability at an Irradiation Service Provider – Reducing the Impact on the Environment

Principal Cyber Security Researcher, Sandia National Laboratories (sandia.gov)
Presenting:  Cybersecurity Considerations for Gamma Irradiation Facilities

LIVE WEBINAR:  2nd November (3pm – 4pm GMT).  To sign up to attend this event, please follow this link.

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