Alternative Technologies – A Review of 2019 Meetings and Discussions

2019 is shaping up to be a year in which the debate about alternative technologies reaches a new level; in terms of the number of meetings that are being arranged to debate this issue.

  1. The year started with an event in Buenos Aires, Argentina, February 25th-28th entitled “Accelerating towards the future – Electron Beam and X-ray Technologies Workshop”. We reported on the event on the 19th and our comments can be accessed by clicking on the link.
  2. Tomorrow and Friday 23 and 24th May there is an “Ad Hoc Meeting of Stakeholder States Involved with Technological Alternatives to High-Activity Radioactive Sources Agenda” The agenda for the meeting can be accessed via this link: Agenda Ad Hoc Alt Tech Meeting. Our Association is attending the meeting and will provide iia members with a report matters discussed shortly.
  3. The Kilmer Conference. The Kilmer Conference is a prestigious and highly regarded meeting organised by Johnson & Johnson for medical device manufacturers and those involved in the sterilisation of single use medical disposables products. The event is by invitation only and we understand that a discussion on alternative technologies will form part of the program. Your Association will be represented at the conference and will report back after the event.
  4. In Mid June there is a Consultants Meeting – Manufacturers, organised by the IAEA to hear the views of electron beam and x-ray manufacturers. The meeting is being held in Vienna, Austria.
  5. In August the IAEA are organising further Consultants Meeting – Users this time focusing on users and in particular contract sterilisers and device manufacturers.

As further meetings and workshops are organised we will endeavour to engage and to keep members updated on developments.

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