A new tool to better determine dose distribution

Sciray Co. Ltd. a subsidiary of Nuctech, a member of iia, is a company based in Beijing that was formed as a spin-off from the Tsinghua University. Nuctech is one of the world’s leading suppliers of vehicles, cargo and baggage inspection systems based on radiation imaging. The expertise of the company in X-ray imaging enabled them to develop a compact tool that could greatly help the control of the irradiation process by offering an image of the dose distribution with a resolution (mm²) that conventional dosimetry cannot provide and with an analysis based on actual physical quantities rather than mere modelling.

The self-shielded device resembling a baggage inspection unit  was developed for electron beam processing within the framework of a recent IAEA Coordinated Research Project (CRP CEXAFI). Based on CT technology and a dedicated software using the Monte Carlo method, the machine produces in less than 20 minutes a high resolution 3-D mapping of mass thicknesses of loads to be irradiated with a detection range of 0.6 m (w) x 0.6m (h) X 1.0 m (l) and for mass thicknesses up to 15g/cm². The image (picture) and output will among others reveal high density spots and a prediction of the Dose Uniformity Ratio. They can thus be used for performance qualification or optimization of package filling.It is a quick front-end tool and powerful supplement to the existing validiation tools .

For more information contact Nuctech, Mr Yang Guang.

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