Radiation Physics and Chemistry – Special Issue IMRP 19

The Proceedings of the 19th International Meeting on Radiation Processing are now available as a Special Issue of Radiation Physics and Chemistry for which the guest editors were Gustavo Varca and Yves Henon.

The issue contains the following 22 articles that were peer reviewed:

  1. Preparation of beechwood/polymer composites using the method of lyophilization and gamma irradiation -Ivica Vujcic, Slobodan Masic, Natasa Obradovic, Miroslav D. Dramicanin
  2. Reduction in microbial infection risks from raw milk by Electron Beam Technology – Lindsay R. Ward, Erin Van Schaik, James Samuel, Suresh D. Pillai
  3. Comparison between gold nanoparticles synthesized by radiolysis and by EGCG-driven gold reduction – Lucas F.de Freitas, Cassia P.C. da Cruz, Adriana K. Cavalcante, Jorge G. dos Santos Batista, Ademar B. Lugão
  4. Use of gamma irradiation as an intervention treatment to inactivate Escherichia coli O157:H7 in freshly extracted apple juice – Dielle Fernandes, Anuradha Prakash
  5. Response of PE films to low energy electron beam irradiation – Roberto M. Uribe, Omar AlHarbi, Zowendsaongo Nare
  6. Preparation and characterization of solution-processible polymer-grafted reduced graphene oxide by a radiation technology – Chan-Hee Jung, In-Tae Hwang, Joon-Yong Sohn, Junhwa Shin
  7. Detection of irradiated components in mixtures of herbs and spices by thermoluminescence – Ivana Sandeva, Hristina Spasevska, Margarita Ginovska, Lihnida Stojanovska-Georgievska
  8. An alternative maximum dose testing method for electron beam sterilization processes – Emily Craven
  9. Phytosanitary irradiation: Does modified atmosphere packaging or controlled atmosphere storage creating a low oxygen environment threaten treatment efficacy? – Peter A. Follett, Lisa G. Neven
  10. Absorbed dose to water determination for kilo-voltage X-rays using alanine/EPR dosimetry systems – Abbas Nasreddine, Florent Kuntz, Ziad El Bitar
  11. Efficacy of low energy electron beam on microbial decontamination of spices – Urszula Gryczka, Hiromi Kameya, Keitarou Kimura, Setsuko Todoriki, … Sylwester Bułka
  12. Sericin modified by gamma irradiation in solution and optimized for bioactivity – Young-Jun Kim, Hyun-Ji Park, Gye Won Lee, Mi-Jin Kwon, Young Ho Cho
  13. Surface modification and edge layer post curing of 3D sheet moulding compounds (SMC) – Michael Thomas Müller, Carsten Zschech, Michaela Gedan-Smolka, Mathias Pech, … Uwe Gohs
  14. Polysaccharides from Annona muricata leaves protect normal human epidermal keratinocytes and mice skin from radiation-induced injuries – Eui-Baek Byun, Ha-Yeon Song, Woo Sik Kim
  15. Effect of ionizing radiation on traditional and bacon “farofa” – Ana Paula Nunes de Sá, Bianca Guimarães Negrão, Elizabeth H. Nabeshima, Amanda C. Ramos Koike, Anna Lucia C.H. Villavicencio
  16. Irradiation of cables, wires and heat shrinkables (Short communication) – Roger Bryant
  17. Continuous electron-induced reactive processing – A sustainable reactive processing method for polymers – Carsten Zschech, Mathias Pech, Michael Thomas Müller, Sven Wiessner, … Uwe Gohs
  18. Irradiation detection of herbal ingredients used in plant food supplements by Electron Spin Resonance on samples pre-treated with alcoholic extraction – Bortolin, C. Cardamone, A.E. Chiaravalle, G. Deiana, … C. Boniglia
  19. Effects of gamma irradiation on the quality of manila clam porridge and in vivo immunomodulatory activity of hesperidin as immunopotentiator for sterilized patient food – Ha-Young Park, Yo-Na Kim, Yeo-Jin Lee, Beom-Seok Song, … Eun-Joo Son
  20. 50 years of French experience in using gamma rays as a tool for cultural heritage remedial conservation – Laurent Cortella, Christophe Albino, Quoc-Khoi Tran, Karine Froment
  21. Modification of flax fiber fabrics by radiation grafting: Application to epoxy thermosets and potentialities for silicone-natural fibers composites – Gabriela Tataru, Kevin Guibert, Marianne Labbé, Romain Léger, … Xavier Coqueret
  22. Impact of ionizing radiation on cake from Brazilian macadamia nut (Macadamia integrifolia) after oil extraction – Ina P. Rao, Maria J.A. Armelin, Nelida L. del Mastro

This Special Issue is available on line only. For more information click here.

First published by the iia in October 2020

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