TRAD Tests & radiations release of RayXpert® 1.9

TRAD Tests & radiations, a member of iia, has announced the release of RayXpert® version 1.9 with improvements and new features.

RayXpert is the most used modeling tool based on a Monte Carlo calculation method. It allows users to accurately simulate a sterilisation or reticulation process using gamma, X-ray and electron beam technologies using CAD file import. It will calculate the received dose everywhere inside a product or a box of products, identify the Dmin/Dmax and calculate the DUR. RayXpert is also used in radiation protection calculations for new facility designs.

TRAD continuously develops new features to answer the needs of its customers from product manufacturers (medical device, pharma, food etc.) to irradiation service providers. Each major release is an opportunity to optimize the tool for users who participate in its improvement.

The main new features of this version are the following:

  • Tetrahedral 3D mapping (see picture) which is automatically adapted to the shape of product, Surface and Cylindrical.
  • Filtering on the meshes to be displayed and automatic updating of the mesh if the geometry evolves!
  • Possibility to import material list with the STEP file
  • Audit Trail: tracking of RayXpert model modifications
  • Improvement of Neutron calculation time using non-analog mode
  • Visualization of results by source in the scene, duplicate a source and assign it to as many geometries as desired in one click!
  • A new interface and a new logo

The image above shows RayXpert 1.9 Tetrahedral 3D mapping of the dose rate inside a Syringe under Xray

For more information please contact TRAD at this link.

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