STERIS AST, Venlo X-ray facility

STERIS AST operates a new X-ray facility at Venlo, the Netherlands, a logistical hub near the German border.  The accelerator is a 5-7 Mev – 700 kW Rhodotron with a tantalum target.  The automation of the warehouse and robotic dosimetry retrieval system enable fully automated operation.

This second European STERIS AST X-ray has benefited from the experience accumulated at their first facility in Daniken, Switzerland.  The heat from the water used to cool the target is recovered to heat the warehouse and the offices and also used to heat water in the adjacent ethylene oxide sterilization plant.

Earlier this year, STERIS announced that their Venlo facility has now received its updated ISO 13485 accreditation to include X-ray processing.

An excellent video presenting the plant has been posted on the website of STERIS AST.


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