Security e-learning and publications

On 16th February the iia attended the IAEA Webinar on ‘Core-training for Security of Radioactive Material in Use and Storage and Associated Facilities’.  This webinar highlighted some of the training provided by IAEA on security of radioactive material; physical protection systems for radioactive material and facilities; and addressing insider threats.  The IAEA is working with Member States to increase control, accounting and security of radioactive sources through regional education courses and online training.

The e-learning modules are based on the IAEA Nuclear Security Series and are available at this link. To access these modules it is necessary to create a free NUCLEUS for which instructions are provided.

Whilst the IAEA training and publications are necessarily generic, the iia has published a security best practice guide for the gamma irradiation industry.  The joint iia/WINS Best Practice Guide on ‘Security of Radioactive Sources Used in Industrial Radiation Processing’ provides a reference that supplements international recommendations and enhances security requirements prescribed by national regulation for gamma irradiation facilities.  It aims to define the responsibilities of the various stakeholders, provide practical advice on physical protection systems and security management and discusses the importance of security culture and taking a whole life approach towards radioactive sources.  Members of iia can download this document from the Members Area/Resources of the iia website.

The iia and WINS are currently developing a ‘Methodology for assessing the effectiveness of security arrangements at gamma irradiation facilities’.  This is currently being reviewed by members of the iia Gamma Working Group and will be published in April 2021.

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