New IAEA Research Project on low-energy beams for food

The first Research Coordination Meeting of the IAEA Collaborative Research Project Innovating Radiation Processing of Food with Low Energy Beams from Machine Sources (CRP D61025) took place on 2,3 and 9,10 September 2021. The association was invited to attend to attend as an observer for the industry.

The objective of this project that will end in 2025 is to promote the innovation of in-line and in-house radiation processing of foods using low energy beams by generating research outputs covering microbiology, dosimetry, process control and new technology in publications including peer-reviewed journals, book chapters, reports, user cases, and technical presentations.

For this project, 5 research agreements were awarded (Canada, France, Japan, USA) and 10 research contracts  (Argentina, China, Ghana, Iran, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Vietnam). Their research projects were presented and discussed during this first meeting. Several participants have already taken part to the CRP Development of Electron Beam and X Ray Applications for Food Irradiation (DEXAFI) that ended in 2020.

More information on this research project here.

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