New IAEA guidance document for the establishment of Ionizing Radiation Facilities

The iAEA will soon publish a document entitled ‘Considerations and Guidance for the Establishment of Ionizing Radiation Facilities ‘ (IAEA Radiation Technology Series No. 7)

The publication is intended as a guide for the establishment of Ionizing Radiation Facilities (IRFs) by using a phased project milestones methodology and applying a tailored approach based on the degree of complexity of the IRF.

The target audience for this publication, developed under the IAEA regional Technical Cooperation project RAS0080 “Promoting Self-Reliance and Sustainability of National Nuclear Institutions”, are organizations and institutions working on IRF projects in order to enable them to undertake the project in a well-organized manner. The publication includes considerations for a feasibility study of an IRF which takes preliminary strategic planning, assessment of infrastructure issues, and cost–benefit analysis as the key elements. In addition, the publication provides detailed methodologies on how to assess the status of necessary infrastructure and to determine the efforts required for such infrastructure development in a phased approach, including information on existing IAEA peer reviews, advisory services, databases and other electronic information resources.

The guidance also aims to help IAEA Member States as well as their respective organizations understand their commitments and obligations associated with an IRF project, including the existence of an appropriate legal and regulatory framework for safety and security of radioactive materials prior to consideration of an IRF project.

The final draft version is available here as a preprint advance publishing.

Note that pre-print versions may contain errors and the IAEA does not make any representations as to the accuracy or completeness of these versions. To cite include ‘preprint’ in the full reference. More information is available at

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