Kilmer Conference 2022

Johnson and Johnson first hosted the Kilmer conference in 1976. The conference brings together invited professionals in microbiology, quality assurance, assurance of sterility and infection control from industry, academia, regulatory authorities and healthcare delivery organisations.

Previous conferences focused on advances in terminal sterilisation and aseptic processing, new methods and technologies and world health issues.

Kilmer 2022, hosted in Athens, Greece between 13 and 16 June 2022 was attended by ~300 people that share common interests and concerns. The conference aims to build Continuity, Collaboration, Career, Connections, Community and Competency amongst participants.

The Society for Sterility Assurance Professionals (SfSAP) provided an update on progress in developing a Structured Pathway to Support, Attract, Retain and Develop Professionals Involved in End-to-End Sterility. The SfSAP now has 6 working groups, consisting of 55 people who represent 30 difference healthcare organisations who are collaborating to develop Learning Frameworks and Outcomes that can be used to demonstrate competency and to provide sterility assurance professionals with career development pathways. Some of the SfSAP team at Kilmer 2022.

Access the Kilmer presentation, samples of the Learning Frameworks and Outcomes by following the links provided here: SfSAP Kilmer

The SfSAP has been established as a not-for-profit organisation supported by iia, AAMI, PDA and ASTM. The sterilisation of single use medical devices remains one of the most important applications for irradiation technologies where competency in sterility assurance is of ever growing importance.


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