John Masefield – Obituary

John Masefield passed on Monday, February 21, 2022, in Sarasota, Florida, at age 88 after a brief and courageous battle with congestive heart failure.  His beloved wife Grace Masefield was by his side throughout.

John was born on 17 July 1933 in Codsall, England. He was in educated in engineering and physics in the UK before moving to Canada in the 1950s.  John was married to Grace Masefield, his partner in the joys and beauty of life and in his industry contributions, which are profound.  In 1972 John founded Isomedix which grew under his leadership for 25 years to one of the largest international providers of contract irradiation services.  This little-known industry benefits the lives of millions of people around the world every day through sterilizing medical devices, improving materials and safely enhancing the longevity of food products.  John was passionate about this work and used all of his significant skills and charisma to advance the applications of irradiation for nearly 50 years.  His leadership of the International Irradiation Association during the final 25 years touched many lives and helped raise up a new generation to continue this important work.

John is survived by his son Christopher Masefield. At Grace’s request, notes remembering John will be collected by the iia. These can be sent to Visitation information can also be requested. 

The iia will feature John in the next iia newsletter.




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