Irradiation Panel AGM update

The Irradiation Panel met on 6th April 2022 for its Annual General Meeting following meetings of the Irradiation and Microbiology Working Groups the preceding day.  The Annual General Meeting was notable for a number of reasons:

  • The Panel officially adopted a new name, to be known from this point forwards as ‘The Irradiation Panel’ rather than ‘The Panel on Gamma and Electron Irradiation’ recognising the increased use of X-ray as an irradiation modality.
  • The Panel chair, Adam Whaites of Cytiva, provided a comprehensive update on recent Panel activities focussing on the Panel vision, mission and future road map based on the activities of the Panel working groups and the industry needs for training and personal development.  The Panel will also work to develop more effective links with other bodies.
  • The meeting also saw the appointment of Claire Frogley of Harwell Dosimeters/STERIS as vice-chair and Jeremy Brison of IBA as secretary.  The Irradiation working group the previous day also saw the chair transition from Peter Sharpe of NPL to Florent Kuntz of Aerial.  Adam Whaites led tributes to Peter’s outstanding contribution to the work of the Panel over more than 20 years.
  • The Panel also made note of the recent passing of John Masefield and tributes were made to his massive contribution to radiation processing over a long and varied career.
  • The meeting welcomed contract irradiation company IONISOS as a returning member to its increasing ranks.  Ionisos operate at nine sites in France, Spain, Germany and Estonia.
  • The meeting concluded with presentations and updates which included work on dose mapping by X-ray mass thickness detection and interesting work on the reliability of dose audits and their correlation with sterility assurance level.  There were also updates on the developmental activities on ISO standards, preparations for the iia’s 20th International Meeting on Radiation Processing (IMRP20) in November 2022 and activities within the Society for Sterilisation Assurance Professionals.

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