IONISOS highlights innovative applications of gamma irradiation

IONISOS, a member of iia, has been working with partners on the development of 2 interesting applications of gamma irradiation.

The first project involves the gamma irradiation of natural fibres that can be used to reinforce composite materials.  This technology is an alternative to chemical or physical methods with demonstratable environmental benefits.

The second project, performed in 2021, was the radiation ageing test of a physically large and heavy artefact.  This was performed in collaboration with ARC-Nucléart using the modelling software of TRAD Tests & Radiations, also both members of iia.

Further details of the 2 projects are given in the attached document: Ionisos_Radiation grafting_Radiation Ageing Tests

The IONISOS Group operates an extensive network of sites in Europe.  For further information, please visit the IONISOS website:


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