International Trends in Irradiation Technologies and Markets

Paul Wynne, iia Chairman & Director General, was recently invited to present to the Second International Nuclear Technology Application Industry Development Forum that was hosted by China Isotope and Radiation Corporation, a member of iia.

The two-day forum, themed ‘Empowering Nuclear Technology to Build a Better Future Together’, had more than 400 attendees from nine countries.  Paul’s video presentation was titled ‘International Trends in Irradiation Technologies and Markets’.

In his introduction, Paul talks about the evolution of the irradiation industry: from the pioneering engineers and scientists that created the first irradiation businesses; to the development of international corporations offering irradiation services and looking to expand irradiation applications; to more recent times with greater consideration of the environment, sustainability and social responsibility.  The presentation then looks at the trends and outlook for irradiation technologies, including the increased use of accelerator technologies for sterilisation and the continued importance of gamma irradiation to meet the needs of the growing healthcare market.  Paul also addresses some of the current perceptions around the technologies and market, and highlights the opportunities and needs of the irradiation industry.

The presentation is available to view on YouTube at this link.



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