IBA & Mercury Plastics sign contract to install a Rhodotron for cross linking

IBA (Ion Beam Applications S.A), today announced it has signed a contract for the installation of an irradiation cross-linking solution using IBA’s Rhodotron® technology with Mercury Plastics (“Mercury”) in Middlefield, OH, USA. The equipment will be used to enhance the properties of plastics, leading to several performance improvements, including mechanical and chemical resistance and durability, while ultimately providing a clean, safe, and environmentally friendly approach.

IBA (Ion Beam Applications S.A.) is one of the leading companies in particle accelerator technology. IBA is also a leading player in the fields of industrial sterilization, radiopharmaceuticals, and dosimetry.

The Rhodotron® is a unique continuous wave E-beam accelerator combining high-power and high energy. The Rhodotron® can provide one or several beam outputs from 2 to 10 MeV and operate at power levels up to 560 kW.

More information can be found: https://www.iba-worldwide.com/content/iba-and-mercury-plastics-sign-contract-install-irradiation-cross-linking-solution-using-iba

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