EU Directives on food irradiation

We are able to provide iia members with an update on the ongoing review EU Directives on food irradiation.

The consultancy firm ICF is in the process of carrying out interviews and circulating surveys to different stakeholders regarding the EC Directives on food irradiation and the impact that they have had on the use of the technology. It appears that their knowledge and understanding of the process and the regulatory issues have made considerable progress over the past six months.

The next important step will be the public consultation that will be posted on the website of the European Commission between July and October 2019. We will keep our members informed and request them to respond to the call for comments.

At the end of 2019, ICF (not the EC) will organize a workshop for stakeholders where their results will be presented for discussion by stakeholders before the final report is submitted to the EC in early 2020.

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