Dioxitek S.A. joins iia

The iia is pleased to welcome Dioxitek S.A. as its newest member.

Dioxitek , based in Argentina, undertake various activities including the production of uranium dioxide powder used to fuel nuclear power plants in Argentina, the commercialisation of Moybenum-99 used in nuclear medicine and the production of cobalt-60 sealed sources.

The cobalt-60 production plant is located at the Ezeiza Atomic Centre in Buenos Aires Province.  Dioxitek design and produce cobalt-60 sources used in health care and industry including for the treatment of cancer related diseases, sterilisation of surgical supplies and food preservation amongst many other applications.

The cobalt-60 sealed source production plant has been certified under ISO 9001 for the “Design, Production and Marketing of Co-60 Sealed Sources and of Co-60 sealed sources and marketing of nuclear medicine uses radioactive isotopes under the ARN operational licence.”  Moreover, the plant applies ISO 2919 standards including mechanical and thermal assays, as well as ISO 9978, applied during production and applicable leakage tests.

For further details please visit the Dioxitek website at dioxitek.com.ar

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