Announcing the Ruby Sponsor for IMRP 2024

We are pleased to announce that Aerial-CRT is the Ruby Sponsor of the 21st International Meeting on Radiation Processing  (IMRP 2024).

Thank you to Aerial-CRT for their contribution towards the success of IMRP 2024.

“Aerial – a French Technology Resource Centre- offers applied research programs and expertise in the field of radiation processing and its multipurpose applications, such as polymers modification, medical devices and pharmaceutical products sterilization, food irradiation, including the detection of irradiated food products. Aerial is also known worldwide through its developments of validated process control tools: AerODE, DosASAP and AerEDE equipment are based on both optical and EPR dosimetry. As an SSDL, Aerial performs traceable calibrations and dose measurements and helps partners in performing installation, operational and performance qualifications.

Aerial owns several irradiation platforms with low, medium or high energy electrons or X-rays dedicated to R&D and training and especially the brand new feerix facilty based on a Rhodotron® with a very particular configuration of high energy beam lines. The highly flexible irradiation platforms, combined with integrated labs (accredited dosimetry, microbiology, physical chemistry, NMR, sensory analysis) with high-performance analytical and Monte Carlo simulation tools, allows Aerial’s team to offer a set of innovative services perfectly adapted to the development and qualification of new processes and their transfer to industry.”

The iia would also like to thank the IMRP 2024 Regional Sponsors, Sterigenics and Nordion. The Regional Sponsors make the largest financial contribution to the meeting and, therefore, the long term success and viability of IMRP.

Find out more about IMRP 2024 and the sponsorship opportunities by following this link to the website: IMRP 2024 Website

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