Fermilab Medical Device Sterilization Workshop 2023

The hybrid workshop is aimed at stakeholders exploring sterilization using accelerator-based radiation.  Attendees should expect to:

  • Examine the current science of radiation sterilization techniques (X-ray, gamma, and E-beam)
  • Maintain connection with developments in the use of alternative technologies for medical device sterilization
  • Influence discussion on the direction of medical device sterilization and potential collaboration opportunities and mechanisms to help realize that future
  • Interact with staff of the FDA to better understand how to work with the FDA for approvals for new and existing products

The deadline for in-person registration is 8th September 2023, and for virtual registration it’s 13th September 2023.

Further details and registration are available at Medical Device Sterilization Workshop 2023: Past, Present, and Future (20-September 21, 2023): Overview · INDICO-FNAL (Indico)

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