Sor-Van Ltd joins iia

The iia is pleased to welcome Sor-Van as its newest member.

Sor-Van specializes in sterilization services. The company’s plant, located inside Soreq Nuclear Research Center in Yavne, Israel, has two main industrial sterilization facilities for various products:
1. Gamma irradiation facility based on the radioisotope Cobalt-60
2. Cold pasteurization facility based on Electron beam accelerator

Both facilities are used predominantly to sterilize medical products, and are also suitable for extending shelf life and reducing microbial load in food products, medical cannabis, and cosmetics.

Sor-Van was founded in the early 1970s as a collaboration between the Israeli government and the Netherlands’ Van Leer Foundation. The company was privatized in September 1999, and has been privately owned ever since. Today, Sor-Van works with an extensive client base in Israel and abroad, consistently emphasizing quality and compliance with the most stringent standards, alongside personal service.

Sor-Van focuses on sterilization solutions for the medical field, the food industry, research institutions, and various other sectors, in addition to a range of consulting services.

You can learn more at this link to the Sor-Van website.

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