PUFFIn – simplifying dose distribution calculations and visualisations

Radiation Physics and Chemistry recently published a paper describing PUFFIn, a new user-friendly interface using the PENELOPE Monte Carlo code, designed to calculate dose distributions in materials. PUFFIn, the Penelope User-Friendly Fast Interface, aids radiation modeling for educational and preliminary analysis purposes. It allows users to visualise and compare dose distributions in objects irradiated with gamma rays, e-beam, or x-rays, helping determine efficient product and packaging designs for conceptual or existing products.

Distributed as a comprehensive, free software package, PUFFIn includes the PENELOPE code, a graphics package, and simple exercises, requiring minimal training. Validation measurements were performed at iia memeber facilities; Texas A&M University in the USA, and the Aerial E-beam Facility in France.

Follow this link to Radiation Rhysics and Chemistry

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