New iia Technical Advisory Group

The iia is pleased to announce the formation of its Technical Advisory Group!

The iia Technical Advisory Group (TAG) has been formed by the iia to strengthen the connection between the iia and its membership. The primary roles of TAG will be to provide guidance and advice to the iia’s board and operation team, and to form the basis of the Program Committee for future IMRP meetings. TAG will also help iia to engage with its geographically diverse membership within the irradiation industry and scientific community.

TAG provides a forum for discussing topical issues and opportunities within irradiation and for membership to have a greater input in the important activities of iia. In addition, TAG will contribute to the development of innovative solutions and encourage advancement in irradiation.

TAG Members

The following members of the irradiation community have agreed to be members of TAG:

  • Brian McEvoy (STERIS) – Ireland
  • Christoph Herkens (IONISOS) – France
  • Jeremy Brison (IBA) – Belgium
  • Ben Reilly (Steritech) – Australia
  • Richard Wiens (Nordion) – Canada
  • Samuel Dorey (Sartorius) – France
  • Simone Schoph (Fraunhofer FEP) – Germany
  • Bryon Lambert (Abbott) – USA
  • Paul Wynne (iia) – United Kingdom
  • Rob Edgecock (iia) – United Kingdom
  • Arthur Dumba (iia) – Switzerland

TAG will routinely meet quarterly but will also be available for ad hoc meetings if required to address any urgent issues that may arise. The iia would like to thank those who participated in the first TAG meeting that was held on 13th July 2023. During this first meeting, TAG was updated on various iia initiatives including IMRP21, iia’s recent strategy review, iia’s evolving structure and resourcing, and the formation of an EB/X working group. It was also agreed that TAG will appoint a Chair and Secretary at its next meeting.

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