Low Energy Electron Beam for heart valve technology

Bovine pericardium or porcine tissue are increasingly used to make heart valves. These biological prostheses now tend to be preferred but they pose a problem of durability.

Our member Fraunhofer FEP in Germany has developed a multi-component process called SULEEI for longer functional life of biological heart valve prostheses in cooperation with the research department of the Clinic for Cardiac Surgery of the Medical Faculty CGC of the TU Dresden. This is a new treatment method of decellularized pericardial tissue for stabilization and sterilization (S) by photo-initiated ultraviolet crosslinking (U) with low-energy electron beam (LEEI). Fraunhofer FEP contributed its know-how in the development of processes and equipment for cleaning, sterilization and surface modification to the development of the process.

More information in the press release of Fraunhofer

Photo credit: Fraunhofer

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