Introductory Webinar for Chinese Irradiation Community Available to Watch Now

The iia recently hosted the “Introduction to the International Irradiation Association (iia)” webinar to showcase the iia’s activities and initiatives to the Chinese irradiation community. The webinar was presented by Peng Wei (iia China/Asia Representative) on the 26th March 2024, and included details about the iia’s Leadership Program, Working Groups, the International Meeting on Radiation Processing, and more. The presentation slides and recording of the webinar are available at the links below.

‘Introduction to the International Irradiation Association’ Webinar recording can be viewed here.

The presentation slides are available to view here: About iia China webinar slides – in mandarin

If you would like to contact Peng to discuss anything in the presentation, please email him at



演示幻灯片: About iia China webinar slides – in mandarin



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