Creation of iia Eb/X Working Group

The iia is setting up an Eb/X working group to provide information to iia members who are seeking to or who are interested in implementing these technologies. The group will also learn from actual and potential users of the technologies what their requirements are and feed this information back to the manufacturers. 

The working group consists of a core panel and an extended panel. The core panel is made up of independent experts and is chaired on behalf of the iia by Rob Edgecock. The current panel members are: 

Joern Meissner – supporting iia-members in Europe 

Peng Wei – supporting iia-members in Asia 

We are looking for a subject matter expert who can join the panel to support members in the Americas. Until then Joern Meissner will take on this role ad interim. 

The extended panel is being formed to support the main user areas of Eb and X. 

If you have any comments or questions about the working group, please contact Rob at

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