Beijing Lituoxinda Technology Co., Ltd (LTXD) joins iia

The iia is pleased to welcome Beijing Lituoxinda Technology Co., Ltd (LTXD) as its newest member.

Beijing Lituoxinda Technology Co., Ltd (LTXD) was incorporated in 2012 with office situates in Zhongguancun, Beijing. They are specialized in offering a comprehensive package of services including technological development, manufacturing, sales, installation, after-sales support for cutting-edge irradiation equipment, automated conveyor systems and irradiation management software. Their vision is to establish themselves as a premier domestic and internationally recognized provider of comprehensive irradiation facility solutions.

LTXD’s professional team boasts extensive background in irradiation technology, conveyor systems, electronic devices, software control, radiation safety and more. Over the years, they have dedicated themselves to the research and development of irradiation application technology, as well as the integration of related systems. Additionally, they have actively participated in the development and marketing of various domestic and foreign gamma, electron beam and X-ray irradiation facilities. Furthermore, we possess profound knowledge and extensive experience in irradiation sterilization technology (including gamma, electron beam and X-ray) and irradiation equipment, encompassing design, production and installation of fully automated conveyor systems.

LTXD provide the following products or services:
– Supply of Conveyor System and Management Software for EB and X-ray.
– Agent Services for Industrial Irradiation (EB, X-ray and Gamma) Equipment and Accessories.
– Consulting Services of Irradiation Facilities and Technology

Visit LTXD at their website by following this link

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