Accelerators for Sustainable Development

More than 20,000 particle accelerators operating world-wide are used for commercial applications, either in the medical (radiotherapy treatments) or industrial sectors (materials modification). Although only a few hundred accelerators are used for scientific research, the knowledge and technological spin-offs gained from these facilities drive the development of commercial applications and support the research and development needs of a diverse range of fields, including fundamental and applied science. The current trend is to utilize accelerators in a dedicated way to support specific high technology application areas. The main demand from researchers is for high quality X ray, neutron, and ion beams to engage in cutting-edge research in energy, food and agriculture, environment, biology, medicine, forensics, cultural heritage, materials science, and many other areas. Accelerators also play a key role in capacity building, provide education and training both in academia and industry, contributing to the solution of problems of modern society and to increased competitiveness of local economies.

This event is being organised by the IAEA

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