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A Different World and Cobalt-60

Terrorist Dhiren Barot reminds us of the depravity of those we are up against and it is indeed a different world we live in. The IAEA statistics can be interpreted that authorities are more successful in sharing information, tracking incidents and stopping potential terrorists. What does this mean for our industry? The fact is cobalt-60 […]

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IAEA Report: Illicit Trafficking of Radioactive Materials

On August 21 2006 the IAEA released a report on, “Illicit Trafficking and Other Unauthorized Activities involving Nuclear and Radioactive Materials”. Established in 1995, the Agency’s Illicit Trafficking Database (ITDB) covers a broad range of cases from illegal possesion, attempted sale and smugling to unauthorized disposal of materials and discoveries of lost radiological or ” […]

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Nuclear Security Across the Borders

Senior officials from 17 countries participated at an IAEA – Argonne Seminar near Chicago, USA. They called it “Operation Jumpstart”, and by the time the mock emergency exercise was over four hours later, 38 of the world’s senior security officials breathed a collective sigh of relief. According to the IAEA press release the groups did […]

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IAEA Conference on the Safety and Security of Sealed Sources

Paul Wynne attended on behalf of the iiA, which recently gained our NGO status with the IAEA. This by invitation only conference hosted approximately 300 regulators representing almost 70 country in Bordeaux France from 2005 June 27 to July 1. These are his valuable conclusions: There is a keen interest in hearing/taking account of the […]

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