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Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology, Poland

In early December the Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology in Warsaw, Poland, held a regional training course on “Safe Operation of Irradiation Facilities” The meeting was organised as part of an IAEA Technical Cooperation Regional Project RER/1/014 “Introducing and Harmonizing Standardized Quality Control Procedures for Radiation Technologies”. The program can be viewed via this […]

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Security of High Activity Sources

The World Institute of Nuclear Security (WINS) has published a Best Practice Guide entitled Security of High Activity Radioactive Sources. This guide will be useful for our Members using isotopic sources to determine if their organizations’ security system is adequate to protect their radioactive materials from possible threats and will help them implement complementary measures if […]

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The Role of Liability and Insurance Regimes in Strengthening Radiological Security

We are providing members with a link to an interesting paper that in considers the liability issues relating to the loss of control of radiological material. The research study was funded by the National Nuclear Security Administration, Global Threat Reduction Initiative. The following is an extract from the research study: “As Laurent Kueny, a French […]

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US GAO Report on Nuclear Nonproliferation.

The title of the Report is: “Additional Actions needed to Increase the Security of US Industrial Radioligical Sources”.   The Report presents the findings and recommendations of the GAO. The Report covers a wide variety of industrial applications including Production Irradiators – pages 26 and 27. General recommendations include employee trustworthiness, reliability and evaluation. The […]

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Security by Design – Devices Containing High Activity Radioactive Sources

The International Irradiation Association was present a recent workshop which discussed the security of devices containing high activity radioactive sources. The workshop also discussed security issues related to production irradiators. The security of high activity radioactive sources is of relevance and importance to all. Losing control of a device, such as happened in Mexico in December 2013, […]

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Security Update – Latest – 11 Dec 13

The following article provides an update on the theft of a lorry containing cobalt 60 – safety and security related matters. The latest position is referenced in this news article – BBC news. It now appears as if the material has been found although the cobalt had been removed from the shipping container. Six people arrested over […]

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