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Industrial Electron Beam Processing -an IAEA and iia Booklet

In the Federal Register of 30 August 2013, the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) announced that it would revise its licensing guidance for irradiators to include safety culture, security of radioactive materials, protection of sensitive information, and changes in regulatory policies and practices. The NRC is requesting public comment by 30 September 2013 on draft […]

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2012 Member Survey

The 2012 Member Survey was undertaken during April 2012. Approx 30% of members responded. The responses revealed that: All respondents recognize and appreciate that hosting IMRP is valuable activity for the Association The majority of respondents agree that the web site should be more up-to-date. All respondents  agreed that more information should be contained in […]

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Mr. Paul Wynne Named iiA General Manager

The International Irradiation Association (iiA) is pleased to announce Mr. Paul Wynne as its new General Manager effective 9 November 2011. The restructuring of the iiA management team comprises of the regional representatives Dr. John Woolston, Europe Manager and Mr. Yves Henon, Asia Pacific Manager now reporting directly to Paul Wynne. Ms. Ruth Brinston is […]

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Cobalt Transport- Delay and Denial of Shipment

22 November 2010 | An update for iiA members Over recent months the iiA Board has approved an activity plan designed to support the work of the IAEA and ISSPA (International Source Suppliers and Producers Association) focused on reducing the issues and problems associated with the shipment of radioactive materials around the world. The generic […]

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IAEA Programme on Transportation of Radioactive Materials

Concern over the problem of ‘denial of shipment of’ cobalt 60 was first addressed by the IAEA at its General Conference in 2004, then in November 2006 the first meeting of the International Steering Committee on Denials of Shipment was convened under the auspices of the IAEA. Presentations from the IAEA, WNTI (World Nuclear Transport […]

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CIRE 2010 Report Shanghai China

10-13 June 2010 | Report on CIRE 2010 and iiA Forum held in Shanghai, China by Yves Henon, iiA Asia Representative. 240 delegates in total, 32 of which came from 12 foreign countries: Australia Canada Hungary India Iran Japan Korea Malaysia Taiwan Thailand Vietnam USA 12 iiA Members were present at the conference: From China: […]

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PANEL Report on Activities

31 May 2010 | PANEL on gamma and electron irradiation – A Synopsis of activity by John Woolston The International Irradiation Association is a member of the Panel on Gamma and Electron Irradiation and has a reciprocal recognition by the iiA. Summaries of Panel activities are included in the iiA Newsletter, however this note provides […]

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Survey of iiA Members

2 January 2010 | It is some years since iiA formally sought the opinion of its members (last in 2003) and on previous occasions the focus has been on relatively narrow technical issues. Discussion amongst the Board and regional representatives suggested that a new broader based survey could be valuable in promoting communication with members, […]

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IAEA Report: Illicit Trafficking of Radioactive Materials

On August 21 2006 the IAEA released a report on, “Illicit Trafficking and Other Unauthorized Activities involving Nuclear and Radioactive Materials”. Established in 1995, the Agency’s Illicit Trafficking Database (ITDB) covers a broad range of cases from illegal possesion, attempted sale and smugling to unauthorized disposal of materials and discoveries of lost radiological or ” […]

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