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1 June 2006

IAEA Meeting on Denials of Shipment

Vienna May 8-12, 2006. MDS Nordion participated in and reports on an IAEA meeting dealing with denial of shipments at the IAEA in early May. Approximately 60 delegates from 26 countries were present. A course of action was agreed to which will see the creation of a Steering Committee made up of a competent authority […]

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1 May 2006

IAEA Meeting on International Transport of Radioisotopes

Deliveries of lifesaving medical isotopes to hospitals across the globe are too often being held-up or blocked during international transport according to reports received by the IAEA. Industry representatives are warning of a growing incident of denials or delays in shipment of isotopes used in medical diagnostics, to treat cancer, or sterilize medical products. Part […]

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1 February 2006

Gamma Irradiators for Radiation Processing, New IAEA Publication

Radiation technology is one of the most important fields that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) supports and promotes. Several programs exist to facilitate its use in the developing Member States. Under this mandate the IAEA just published “Gamma Irradiators for Radiation Processing”. Contents cover the radiation processing industry, growth and the process itself. It […]

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1 November 2005

Nuclear Security Across the Borders

Senior officials from 17 countries participated at an IAEA – Argonne Seminar near Chicago, USA. They called it “Operation Jumpstart”, and by the time the mock emergency exercise was over four hours later, 38 of the world’s senior security officials breathed a collective sigh of relief. According to the IAEA press release the groups did […]

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1 January 2005

IAEA Conference on the Safety and Security of Sealed Sources

Paul Wynne attended on behalf of the iiA, which recently gained our NGO status with the IAEA. This by invitation only conference hosted approximately 300 regulators representing almost 70 country in Bordeaux France from 2005 June 27 to July 1. These are his valuable conclusions: There is a keen interest in hearing/taking account of the […]

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