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USDA Final Rule Treatment of Fruits and Vegetables

2006 January 27 in the Federal Register Volume 71, Number 18 pages 4451 to 4464 Final Rule. Effective Date: 2006 February 27th. The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), USDA amended the regulations by revising the approved doses for irradiation treatment of imported fruits and vegetables. This rule establishes a new minimum generic dose […]

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List of Approved Facilities for Food Irradiation

Did you know that on October 7th 2004 the Commission of the European communities amended thee Directive 1999/2/EC of the European Parliament concerning foods and food ingredients treated with ionizing radiation? The amendment included that specific foodstuffs and food ingredients may be imported from a country outside the EC, if treated in an approved irradiation […]

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Phytosan Mexico receives licence for Matehuala Plant

Arved Deecke, Director General of PHYTOSAN S.A. de C.V.) is very pleased to announce that as of November 16, 2005 has received its nuclear license for construction of a gamma facility in Matehuala, SLP, Mexico, from the Mexican Commission of Nuclear Safety and Safeguards (CNSNS). The permit covers the installation of a MDS Nordion JS […]

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European Food Irradiation Update

Direktor und Professor Dieter Ehlermann a.D., Linac Technologies’ consultant and formerly of the Federal Research Centre for Nutrition, Karlsruhe, Germany sent the iiA four reports on developments in food irradiation. All documents are now posted on the iiA website. First document is “Irradiated Foods Marketed in Europe”. In 2005 after the accession of 10 or […]

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Ghana An Emerging Opportunity

A brand new report, “Irradiation Quarantine Export Development Feasibility Project” makes the compelling case that irradiation may be the only means of allowing fruits and vegetables exports from Ghana and the West Africa Trade Hub. Some countries have approved methyl bromide and hot vapour treatments for similar fruits exported from other regions, but the pests […]

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Irradiation of Shellfish Approved by USA FDA

August 16, 2005 the FDA announced in the US Federal Register (Volume 70, NO 197, 48057) they are amending the regulations to provide for the safe use of ionizing radiation for the control of Vibrio species and other foodborne pathogens in fresh and frozen molluscan shellfish (e.g. oysters, mussels, clams etc.) at a dose not […]

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The Radura Logo- A History Lesson

22 August 2005 | The word RADURA is derived from radurization, glued from RADiation and ‘durus’ (Latin for hard, lasting etc.). Radicidation is derived from RADIation and ‘cadere’ (Latin for fell, cut, kill). Radappertization is derived from RADiation and the name of Appert, a French scientist/engineer who invented sterilized food for the troops of Napoleon. […]

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EU List of Irradiation facilities

19 November 2004 | The European Commission (EU) commission have published a list of irradiation facilities in third countries which have been approved by the community for the irradiation of food. Click here for a copy of this list. This list is in addition to approved irradiation facilities for member states. The approval process involves […]

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