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25 April 2017

Irradiation in India

Irradiation continues to make progress in India where about 20 gamma irradiators are now in operation. Seven of them are owned by various government organization, three being research and semi commercial facilities. Most irradiators have a design capacity between 0.5 and 1 MCi capacity. Among the five facilities dedicated to low and medium dose food […]

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23 March 2017

iia Newsletter

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7 March 2017

Eb irradiation of wastewater in China

Photo: Nuclear and Energy Technology Institute, Tsinghua University, Beijing.  Electron beam technology is used to clean industrial wastewater at a textile dyeing facility in Jinhua city, 300 kilometers south of Shanghai. This project is one of the first to exploit the opportunity to use irradiation to treat the pollutants in wastewater. Follow the link to […]

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13 February 2017

IMRP – Book of Abstracts

Electronic versions of the Book of Abstracts and Detailed Program are available for IMRP attendees and iia members. These will be added to the Resource section in the members area of the iia website and will be available on the website. Click here: Book of Abstracts Click here: Detailed Program The IMRP special edition of the […]

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19 October 2015

Industrial and Envionmental Applications of Electron Beams

The publication: “Industrial and Environmental Applications of Electron Beams” ISBN 978-83-933935-7-2 is part of the EuCard2 initiative part funded by the European Commission and produced for EuCard by the Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology in Poland. The Editor was Dagmara Chmielewska-Smietanko and the Technical Editor was Ewa Godlewska-Para. The publication consists of 9 chapters: […]

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20 August 2015

Report on the “Workshop on Energy and Environmental Applications of Accelerators” 23 – 26 June, Argonne – USA, 2015.

Workshop on Energy and Environmental Applications of Accelerators 23-26 June 2015, Argonne, Illinois, USA Workshop on Energy and Environmental Applications of Accelerators took place on June 23 – 26, 2015 at Argonne National Laboratory in Argonne, Illinois. This workshop was supported by the Office of High Energy Physics, Office of Science, U.S. Department of Energy […]

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10 June 2008

Radiation Processing Facilities: An Environmentally Friendly Option

2007 October 3 | presented by Ruth Brinston at an IAEA Technical Committee meeting on “Radiation Control of Biohazardous Contaminants”,1 – 5 October 2007, IAEA Headquarters, Vienna, AUSTRIA Abstract Radiation-processing facilities deliver enormous benefits to society. That these facilities are environmentally friendly or “clean and green” may be one of the best-kept secrets. Over 170 […]

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30 October 2007

Radiation Control of Bio hazardous Contaminants

Maria Helena de Oliveira Sampa, Scientific Secretary in the Industrial Applications and Chemistry Section of the IAEA organized a technical meeting on the “Radiation Control of Biohazardous Contaminants”, October 1-5, 2007 in Vienna Austria. Fifteen participants from 12 countries came together to make presentations and discuss this important subject. Under the leadership of chairman Glyn […]

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31 May 2007

New IAEA Publication Radiation Processing: Environmental Applications

In recent years a number of radiation processing technologies have been developed aimed at ensuring the safety of gaseous and liquid effluents discharged into the environment. Pilot and industrial scale installations have demonstrated the effectiveness of radiation-based technologies for flue gas treatment, wastewater purification, and treatment of sewage sludge can help to mitigate environmental degradation. […]

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