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Congratulations to LATU on their Grand Opening

The Technological Laboratory of Uruguay (LATU) on 23 February 2010 celebrated the grand opening of the first gamma irradiator in their region. Attending the Ceremony was Dr. Tabaré Vázquez, the President of the Republic of Uruguay, along with many other dignitaries and invited guests. Located near Montevideo, this facility will provide services on a semi-commercial […]

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China Isotope and Radiation Association (CIRA)

The China Isotope and Radiation Association (CIRA), founded in April 1989, is a non-profit organization composed of enterprises, companies, institutes and individuals that are in the business of managing, manufacturing or using isotope and radiation. The CIRA is under the Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense of the People’s Republic of China. […]

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IAEA on Denials and Delays of Shipments

Anyone that is interested in the issue of denial and delays of the shipment of radioactive sources should visit the IAEA website and learn more about the many the activities underway. 1. Just published is the list of National Focal Point (NFP) containing 71 contact persons including alternatives, representing 65 member states for issues on […]

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IAPH World Ports Conference 2009

2009 August 12 | IAPH held 25-28 May 2009 REVISS Exhibition Report by Cathie Deeley REVISS IAPH is the biennial meeting of the International Association of Ports and Harbors (Harbours!). The model for the meeting closely parallels that of IMRP – the biennial International Meeting on Radiation Processing. It is mainly an industry conference with […]

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IMO Resolution to Facilitate Cobalt-60 Shipments

1 December 2005 | IMO Resolution to Facilitate Cobalt-60 Shipments The International Maritime Organization (IMO), a U.N. body representing 166 countries, approved an Assembly Resolution on December 2, 2005, regarding the importance of cobalt-60 from a medical and public health perspective and the need, globally, to facilitate its shipment by sea. This resolution was part […]

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New Worldwide Directory of Electron Beam Facilities

The IAEA has recently published a directory of electron beam irradiation facilities located in 23 countries, including Member States. This 193 page document contains a wealth of information from the complete address, contact name and technical data on the machine including installation date, energy range and beam power. They would like to thank everyone who […]

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IAEA Convenes Meeting on Denial of Shipments

With widespread applications in medical, industrial, research and energy fields, the safe and assured shipment of radioactive materials is both a public health and economic issue. An international conference in Vienna 17 -18 January 2008 gathered experts from governmental agencies, transport organizations and radiation source manufacturers to discuss transport issues involving radioactive materials. “Denial of […]

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MDS Nordion signs 17-year cobalt-60 contract with Rosenergoatom

Ottawa, Canada, October 19, 2007 – MDS Nordion, a leading provider of medical isotopes and radiopharmaceuticals, signed a 17-year contract for the supply of cobalt-60 with Rosenergoatom, the operating utility of Russia’s nuclear power plants. This contract expands upon the 2005 agreement by providing for an increased supply of cobalt-60 to MDS Nordion until 2024. […]

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Skype – A Great Way to Call Around the World

Skype is one way iia keeps the high cost of telephone calls to a minimum and still stay connected with our membership. What Skype has is a simple bit of software that enables you to use your computer to call other Skype users on their computer — anywhere in the world for free. Furthermore it […]

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IAEA Meeting on Denials of Shipment

Vienna May 8-12, 2006. MDS Nordion participated in and reports on an IAEA meeting dealing with denial of shipments at the IAEA in early May. Approximately 60 delegates from 26 countries were present. A course of action was agreed to which will see the creation of a Steering Committee made up of a competent authority […]

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