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20 March 2017

New Members

The International Irradiation Association is pleased to welcome two new members Gammatom and Chapman University. Gammatom is a well established irradiation service centre based near Milan in northern Italy. The Gammatom website includes an interesting video showing the facility and cobalt loading. Chapman University is a highly respected private University located in Southern California. The Food […]

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17 March 2017

The Panel on Gamma & Electron Irradiation

The Panel has recently introduced a new website and describes itself as: “The Panel on Gamma and Electron irradiation known as the Panel, is a group of experts with diverse interests in Irradiation processing. It meets twice per year. It is NOT a trade association. Its membership comprises both suppliers and users of irradiated products […]

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16 March 2017

Steritech to build x-ray facility in Melbourne, Australia

iia member Steritech has announced plans to build an x-ray facility in Melbourne, Australia. The investment is being made by Steritech and the Victoria State Government. For more information follow the links: Victoria State Government Media Release Press Comment – Produce Plus Steritech website

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7 March 2017

Eb irradiation of wastewater in China

Photo: Nuclear and Energy Technology Institute, Tsinghua University, Beijing.  Electron beam technology is used to clean industrial wastewater at a textile dyeing facility in Jinhua city, 300 kilometers south of Shanghai. This project is one of the first to exploit the opportunity to use irradiation to treat the pollutants in wastewater. Follow the link to […]

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27 February 2017

Source Security News

The attached article was published last week. The International Irradiation Association (iia) continues to monitor news articles and legislative proposals relating to irradiation and to respond as appropriate. iia recognises the importance of security. In November 2016 iia worked with the World Institute for Nuclear Security (WINS) to deliver a workshop on security alongside the […]

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26 February 2017

Canada permits the irradiation of ground beef

Canada has been considering the approval of irradiation for a number of years. Permission to irradiate fresh and frozen raw ground beef has been given and was published in the Canada Gazette on February 13, 2017. The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association submitted an application in 1998. Following several high profile cases of foodborne illness resulting from […]

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22 February 2017

Steritech rebrand and sponsorship

Australian contract sterilisation and decontamination company and iia member Steritech have recently rebranded their business with a new logo and positioning line of ‘Protecting What Matters’. They also launched their new website this week at Steritech, along with other iia members MEVEX and CGN Dasheng and Zhongke Hi-Wits, are also sponsors of the Seventh […]

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20 February 2017

New Members

Towards the end of 2016 iia we were pleased to welcome SPI (Iran), Systagenics (UK) and Radchem (Hungary) as new members. This month Benebion (Mexico) joined iia. A brief introduction to these new members appears below further information is available in the member listing: Shar Parto Iranian (SPI): Based in Tehran, Shar Parto Iranian (SPI) […]

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9 February 2017

STERIS – Expansion Update

STERIS has released news about its expansion program which sees STERIS AST and STERIS Laboratories embark on several expansion projects throughout their global sterilization and laboratory network. Click for more information 

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