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1 October 2005

WNTI joining the Transportation Cause

Objectives of the World Nuclear Transport Institute (WNTI) include bringing together industrial organisations involved in or having a relationship to the transport of radioactive materials. Their goal is to collaborate with organisations having the same common interest.

WNTI granted Associate Membership to REVISS Services (UK) Ltd, in March 2005. Now Dick Rees, REVISS Harwell Site Manager is chairing an industrial Task Force within WNTI on the “Denial and Delay of Class 7 Shipments by Transporters and Carriers”.

We applaud the WNTI recently launched initiative to identify the root causes that give rise to many of the difficulties faced when transporting sealed radiation sources worldwide. This will form the basis to develop appropriate industry responses and enable us to deal with the ever-growing barriers and constraints. Our healthcare depends