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30 October 2007

Where is the Irradiated Beef?

Out of the 8-billion pounds of ground beef produced annually in the US, there are approximately 18-million pounds irradiated for human health and safety. Irradiated ground beef patties are available in the U.S. at many supermarkets, through Schwan’s home delivery system and by mail order from Omaha Steaks or in their 78 stores.

Leaders and visionaries from several companies have been offering customers irradiated products since the early part of this decade. These C.E.O.’s, employees and suppliers can sleep safe and sound at night knowing their products do not have E. coli that is making anyone sick.

We applaud all companies that are answering Bill Marler’s plea “Put me out of business, please. For this trial lawyer, E. coli has been a far too successful practice – and a heart-breaking one. I am tired of visiting with horribly sick kids who did not have to be sick in the first place. I am outraged with a food industry that allows E. coli and other poisons to reach consumers, and a President, Congress and federal regulatory system that does nothing about it.”